Architects rendering of the new expansion to our campus buildings.

Expanding Our Welcome

Having successfully completed our capital campaign, our congregation is proceeding with the $1.6 million plan to expand and improve our physical plant. With the addition of a spacious narthex, an updated kitchen, and improved accessibility we will enhance our capacity to welcome and minister. Our plan is to break ground in the next year.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates!

Our History

Peninsula Lutheran personifies welcome, resilience, and faithfulness. Founded in 1904, the congregation has grown, merged, persevered, relocated, and changed, but remains a place where grace meets life. When you come to worship you will experience an assembly full of welcome, humanity, energy, and gladness.

We come together because we are honest about our need for God’s grace. Martin Luther said the church is a hospital for sinners not a museum for saints. That means none of us in the faith has it all together. Gathered at the communion table, we equally forgiven, accepted, and loved by a merciful and mighty God.

In the last few years, our congregation has been prayerfully discerning where God is leading us into the future. Recently, we have experienced a healthy burst of growth and change of direction as we become more intergenerational. We have added ministry staff and are proceeding with an ambitious building program to expand our facilities to expand our ministries and fulfill our mission.